Support for Smokefree Music Cities Grows

More Artists and Organizations Lift Their Voices to Protect Musicians and Fans

Over the past several months, the Smokefree Music Cities (SFMC) project has collaborated with our music and public health partners, including Musicians for a Smokefree Tennessee, in an effort to close the gap in the existing ‘Nonsmokers’ Protection Act’ that exempts age-restricted venues (e.g., bars and music clubs). The campaign continues in Tennessee and we will need your help! Stay tuned or email us for campaign updates.

Several of our SFMC musician supporters from Nashville and Louisiana have been in the news recently. Watch our social media pages for exciting news about Craig Klein, Sarah Potenza, Megan Palmer, and Sean Ardoin.

We’re also delighted to announce that we have new testimonials and resolutions from those in the music industry. Music Portland and Omniovre Recordings recently adopted resolutions, and the incredible Craig Bartock, guitarist with Heart, along with a dynamic vocalist duo, The Vignatis, have added their stories to our effort. Check out these new additions on our website.

As always, donor and foundation support helps us continue our efforts to protect musicians, artists, technicians, and fans from the hazards of secondhand smoke exposure. We know it has been a tough time for many of us, but we would be grateful for any financial support you could share with the project. Everyone needs smokefree air.