“After a gig in a venue full of 2nd hand smoke my throat is irritated, sinuses are inflamed, and eyes are burning…. That can’t be good for my voice.”

Sean Ardoin is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and Creole-Zydeco musician extraordinaire. The legacy started with legendary Creole musician Amedee’ Ardoin, the first Louisiana Cajun or Creole accordionist to record; followed by Bois Sec Ardoin, one of the best-known practitioners of the state’s rural Creole sound for six decades, to Sean’s father, Lawrence “Black” Ardoin and the Ardoin Brothers, then to Sean. He co-lead the critically-acclaimed Zydeco outfit Double Clutchin’ for 10 years, then started Sean Ardoin + Zydekool’s. Sean has performed at Carnegie Hall, worldwide festivals, performed live on BET’s Comic View, been featured in commercials, had his music in movies and on TV. Sean founded the Creole Hall of Fame in order to recognize the Creole contribution to the world. Sean also served on the Governing board of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy.

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