“As an artist who doesn’t smoke, but has been around many smokers, I can now see and feel the difference between a smoke-free environment and a smoking environment. Because smoking affects everyone’s health (yours, mine, ours!), I think we should help create a smoke-free environment for us all. It not only affects our voices, but our health and our children’s health. Without second-hand smoke, we’ll all experience longer healthier living!”

Ronee Martin is a singer-songwriter and native Virginian who currently resides in Los Angeles.

She was formerly signed as a recording artist to MoJazz Records/Motown. In addition to her own illustrious singing career, she feels fortunate to have co-wrote a song, “This Is Love,” and have it recorded by one of her childhood idols, Gladys Knight. In 2016, Ronee was a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent, Season 11.