“Playing music in a venue that allows smoking not only compromises my health and my ability to play the best show possible, but it also compromises all of those who come to see me. Artists deserve a clean place to work, create, and connect with their audience and that cannot happen in a smoking venue. I look forward to the day when worrying about it will be a thing of the past!”

Blending pop, R&B, and soul, Paul Childers is leading a new breed of singer/songwriters and guitarists. Hailing from Nashville, he finds a way to blur the lines cast between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix styles of guitar playing, a Motown rhythm section, and pop vocal melodies.

Childers was selected by Acmeville Records as the debut artist on their label, which features live recordings from the Nashville music hotspot. Touring nationally and internationally since 2017, Childers has opened for Vince Gill and Robert Cray, Leann Rimes, and has played the guitars of Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix in tribute.

His new highly anticipated album, Secondary Colors, is set to release on July 10th 2020.

Photo Credit Cat Denton