“Playing in non-smoking venues has not only saved my voice it has saved my health and quite possibly saved my life. I spent the first 30 years of my life as a secondhand smokers growing up in a smoking household and singing in smoky bars. Before the smokefree movement, I suffered from decades of chronic bronchitis. After the smokefree movement, I’ve been consistently bronchitis-free for many years. Only if I rarely end up playing in a smoking venue of out the state of country, does the bronchitis return. I’m so grateful for the smokefree movement. Thank you for making my life as a musician better.” – Leslie Sisson

Spacey but not alienating, loud yet still light, painting panoramic sound against a moving melodic backdrop, Moving Panoramas make dreamy boot gaze rock from Austin, TX, led by songwriter Leslie Sisson. Their 2015 debut LP ‘One’ and 2019 sophomore LP “in Two (both Modern Outsider) received international acclaim and reached #1 on radio charts. Starting off as a simple dream gaze trio and multiplying into a dream rock quintet, the music has expanded with more diversity, rhythm, volume, vocals, and instrumentation, such as the swimmy pedal steel, along with bandmates Rosie Castoe, Cara Tillman, Jody Suarez, and Phil McJunkins.

Photo by Diving Starlings Photography