I would like to thank the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation for your continued work in the Smokefree Rights and Air movement over the years. You have truly proven to be a continuous force in bringing about the remedies to help our musicians, hospitality workers and our patrons of the arts enjoy a healthier life while we march forward to a Smokefree America. An America that does allow us to work in environments that do not compromise our health.

Your acknowledgement of my advocacy and activism in the arena of Secondhand Smoke Exposures has proven to be monumental in bringing about these changes in laws that impact our lives on a daily basis. This award has been a very satisfying one for me and our Atlanta community.

As we approach our one year anniversary of the Atlanta Smokefree law enacted on January 2nd 2020 we look to celebrate with our partners in the State of Georgia on January 2nd 2021 and throughout the month we will sing your praises.

I thank you personally for your commitment to those of us who tirelessly put in the work because we care about those who may not know the dangers of Secondhand Smoke and its toxic effects on the human body. Our music, business and entertainment communities salute you!

Thank you Cynthia Hallett and Onjewel Smith for being our rock and light that will continue to shine thanks to individuals like you and organizations like the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation and SmokeFree Rights For All, in our Smokefree Music Cities family.

Have a wonderful holiday as we look forward to a new year free of COVID-19 and its catastrophic impact it has had on the American landscape and lives that have been impacted beyond belief.

Lewis McTush, CEO
SmokeFree Rights For All, Inc.
LewMar Millennium Entertainment LLC
Entertainers Speak Out 4 All, Inc.