“As a professional musician, I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years traveling and playing in all kinds of venues. While I’ve never smoked, I certainly respect the choices of my friends who do. That said, I’ve definitely faced significant challenges as a performer in venues where smoking is allowed, mostly resulting in severe sort throats, and they have sometimes caused me to cut shows short. Even when venues designate my shows as “smokefree,” the thirdhand smoke from years of smoke particles all over the venue and equipment still presents a significant health risk to both me and the folks who pay to see me. Artists and their audiences have a right to a safe work environments, so I wholeheartedly in support of American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation and its Smokefree Music Cities project.”

A 20+ year veteran of the music industry, Derek Webb has sold millions of albums as a founding member of Texas-based folk/rock band Caedmon’s Call, and ruffled political & spiritual feathers alike as a solo artist.

He is also Founder of the revolutionary tribe-building platform NoiseTrade, (teaching musicians to make a living), and The Airing Of Grief podcast, discussing stories of spiritual de & reconstruction.

His most recent album, 2017’s Fingers Crossed, a deeply personal & provocative ‘tale of two divorces’, documents both the break-up of his marriage & the deconstruction of his Christian faith.

The new album, TARGETS, is due out early 2020.