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The Recording Academy™ will host the 61st GRAMMY Awards® this Sunday at the Microsoft Theater (The Premiere Ceremony) and the Staples Center (The Televised Ceremony); both are smokefree indoor venues by local and state law. Shouldn’t all musicians across the nation be entitled to perform in a smoke free venue regardless of the size of the venue? The only thing that should be truly smokin’ is the musician’s performance!

Smokefree Music Cities, a project of the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation in collaboration with other musician-oriented organizations, is working to improve musicians’ health by expanding smokefree protections in bars, clubs, casinos, and other indoor music venues. Renowned musicians and music creators have recently joined forces with Smokefree Music Cities to educate the public on the hazards of performing in smoke-filled music venues. Smoking in public areas still plagues many cities within the United States, and is a dangerous detriment to working musicians. New studies show that musicians who continuously perform in smoke are at 3 times higher risk to contract illnesses than those performing in smokefree work environments. The talented musicians featured on our website have lent their names and support in order to bring awareness to this issue and help make a change.

The Recording Academy’s charity, MusiCares, adopted a resolution in support of smokefree music cities to prevent exposure to the carcinogens in secondhand smoke and protect entertainers’ health. A September 6, 2018 article posted on the Grammy’s website, “How Secondhand Smoke at Venues Can Mean ‘Instant Doom’ for Musicians,” speaks to the hazards of smoky venues for musicians.

The musicians who support our mission to bring safe, smokefree venues to all entertainers originate from all over the United States. Some endure smoke-filled venues on a daily basis, some occasionally when touring, and some, while lucky enough to avoid performing in them, still remember the discomfort all too well. Many have shared stories about how much they love to play before a live audience, but how secondhand smoke has aggravated their asthma, caused them to lose their voices, or left them feeling ill after a performance.

Sean Ardoin

Sean Ardoin

While all of these musicians are very special to us, a shout-out goes to Sean Ardoin, a Creole-Zydeco musician, who infuses rock and soul into his music to create a new derivative category.  Sean is nominated for two GRAMMY Awards and will be attending the award ceremonies this weekend. Sean is nominated in the following categories: Best American Roots Performance (“Kick Rocks”), competing with superstars Willie Nelson and Brandi Carlile, and Best Regional Roots Album for his “Kreole Rock And Soul”; a great album and a great accomplishment.

We also acknowledge Ronee Martin, a soulful singer-songwriter, who  did not make the final nominations, but was considered on the original GRAMMY Ballot for the coveted Best Album of the Year (“Songs On The Road Back Home“), competing with ALL recording artists, as well as the Best Pop Solo Performance (“The Very Thought of You”).

Ronee Martin

Ronee Martin

The Smokefree Music Cities project is grateful to all the gifted musicians who have lent their support. They are actively taking a stand against smoke-filled venues. You can view the entire list of supporting artists on the Smokefree Music Cities Testimonials page.

Do you have a story to tell? We invite all musicians to join this project with the understanding that we do not make any judgments towards any individual’s use of tobacco products, especially in an industry where creativity usually surfaces through many means. Yet, when it comes to public areas, and because it affects everyone, we seek to accommodate a healthier working environment for all entertainers. Smokefree Music Cities strives to keep those rare and gifted gems around to keep playing and creating so our souls may continue to fill with joy. Why should these creative artists be at a higher risk than all other workers?

For more information on all our supportive musicians or how to get involved with the project please visit the Smokefree Music Cities Testimonials page at https://smokefreemusiccities.org/testimonials/ or Contact Us at https://smokefreemusiccities.org/contact/