The Smokefree Music Cities project is pleased to announce that the Atlanta Blues Society, the 2019 Recipient of the Keeping the Blues Alive Award from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN, has joined other music organizations and adopted a resolution in support of smokefree music cities and venues. The Atlanta Blues Society is living up to its commitment to “Keep the Blues Alive” by protecting the health and safety of its valued Blues performers.

Musicians and those in the music community are workers that are often overlooked. These talented individuals bring not only joy to audiences, but revenue to music cities from residents and visitors who want to hear their music.

These workers need protections from exposure to secondhand smoke to protect their health and allow them to give their best performance.

When interested organizations adopt resolutions in favor of smokefree music venues, their voices become more powerful!

We encourage all interested organizations to adopt our model resolution, and to contact us with questions or for help.

Your support saves lives!