“As a child I grew up with severe asthma. Any exposure to secondhand smoke could trigger an asthma attack for me. As I grew up, a combination of sports and playing harmonica allowed me to grow out of my asthma. My sensitivity to cigarette smoke has not changed though. I have frequently had to battle smoky venues in order to make it through a gig. I believe that nobody should have to be subjected to this, especially in the age of Covid-19. When live music makes a come back, I hope that venues are more aware of how second hand smoke can affect people. Thank you Smoke Free Music Cities for promoting this very important issue. I look forward to playing for the world again – music is like a breath of fresh air!”

Andrew is a native of Richmond, Virginia, who took up music at the age of 20. After being inspired by a busker playing harmonica on the street one day, he hit the local music store and a harmonica of his own. From that point on, Andrew committed himself to learning the history of the instrument and has developed his own unique style of playing, while still paying his respects to his biggest influences from the past.


Twitter and Instagram: @AndrewAllirva